Pedro Fraile Painter

Spanish painter born in Madrid, Spain

Pedro Fraile´s childhood took place in the 1960´s on a rural state called “Suertes Viejas” (Old Fortunes), located in the countryside about 40 kilometers from Madrid, Spain. His father was an employee on the estate. This country home belonged to the Valencian painter, Manuel Benedito Vives, who was both a pupil and the Executer of Estate of the impressionist painter, Joaquin Sorolla. Under these circumstances Pedro´s chidhood was very much influenced by the rural lifestyle during the 1960´s of Spain´s country folk and harvesters and with the constant contact with nature.


“Pedro Fraile´s artistic carrer is evolving technically from a more linked to French Impressionism painting with a shorter brushstroke and undone to a more personal painting closer to the Spanish painting tradition of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, where he combines continuous brushstroke, texture and depth. Working on very balanced perspectives and volumes, playing between the path of classicism and modernism, with a great emotional charge. All this makes the contemplation of his work produce a sense of calm and serenity in the viewer. ”


Ruth Juaranz Torrego.

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